Stages of buying online. Frequently asked questions.

Important! You can order products from ECAS ELECTRO on-line catalog, and other desired products, but confirmed by an operator.

Ordering products from ELECTRO ECAS can be done by one of the following ways:

  1.  email: or 
  2.  by fax: (+40)212048130 
  3.  directly at company location: Bucuresti, Sector 2, 8, Dimitrie Pompei Blvd, Feper ground 
  4.  on-line: require the creation or existence of a personal account, My account. Creating an account, as the analysis of online orders is made by an operator from ECAS ELECTRO, only within working hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 to 6:30 p.m., Saturday - Sunday and public holidays: closed.
  5.  Can order products that are not exist in on-line catalog, using ways 1, 2 or 3. 

Products are sold to businesses and individuals with tax ID. Monthly offers products is informative, and prices do not include VAT.
Prices are negotiable depending on quantity.
Information can be obtained on tel: (+40)212048100

Stages of buying online

1.1. What are the basic functions of the ECAS ELECTRO website?

Search product in Catalog using keywords or symbols of products or symbols of a manufacturer used by ECAS ELECTRO or manufacturer name. You can use partial information about product, inserting % symbol in key word or string of characters, to search all products including a partial information. 

Ordering products directly from Catalog, adding to a list of products easily found. The list can be Parked (Save) for future operations (additions or deletions) or terminate the order. It keeps a limited time in server our company.

Search information about new products or to products not recommended for new projects.

See History: list of products searched and viewed, sales history, your billing history.

1.2. What are the steps to purchase online from ECAS ELECTRO website?

Step 1. You need to open an account at ECAS ELECTRO - this account is required to park lists of products that have completed the purchase and repeat the procedure for ordering and purchasing, order status tracking and billing history, account opens the box connecting account section, or in the horizontal bar at menu section in my account, following instructions for filling or legal statement. You will receive an email with an user name and a password (pwd). Use them whenever you want to connect (login) to shop online and enter your account. Upon completion of the desired operations, you disconnect (logout).

Step 2. Adding products to the list of selected products to be ordered, called generic basket - you can browse product categories, you can view details and images of each product and add desired products to cart.

Products can be ordered online with 2 options:

Quick Ordering or Quick Buy variant (product codes is known, but may be called at any time to search or make a row or paste a file or paste a list).

Ordering the Product from Catalog variant (searching products in the Catalog that has 4 levels: categories, subcategories, sub-subcategories and product sheet which can be ordered amount)

Step 3. Checkout - can be carried out in the box "Cart" by pressing the control button which will display the contents of the basket of goods, or the horizontal menu bar, the "Cart" and then press the command following the completion of the modality of delivery and payment (Please, read all information about delivery and payment details).

Step 4. Payment

Payment can be made in two modes:

a. Cash (at package delivery) - the time set for receipt of the goods to the delivery order - details needed for this type of payment can be found under the heading payment and delivery.

b. In Advance - details needed for this type of payment can be found under the heading payment and delivery.

c. On-line payment via EuPlă a service provided by EuroPayment Services.

We do not accept checks or promissory notes.

1.3. What Emails messages receive at various stages to purchase online?

You will receive various messages indicating what stage your order is:

Message 1: Registration Order

Message 2: Processing Order

Message 3: Sending package products

Message 4: The order was completed.

1.4. How can I get in ECAS ELECTRO website more information or technical details about a product or service offered? 

It enters the contact section, complete the form with the requested information is sent to ECAS ELECTRO in no time you will receive a response by email and/or phone.

Frequently asked questions

Why prices vary?

Prices vary depending on the RON / EUR and RON / USD exchange rate. They are stable over a month. In exceptional cases, if the exchange rate varies dramatically, prices can change more frequently than a month. The invoice will be issued at the rate calculated from the day of invoicing. When partial delivery price remains constant until the delivery.

Ordered, but refuse to accept the package, what will happen?

If you are not sure you want a product, please do not order!

You can view the products, you can make a shopping list, you can park list for subsequent replays, but not complete ordering if you are not actually decide to buy. For you a team of people working, time-consuming to serve you promptly, while other buyers expect.

If you require an order and the shipment you refuse, your name will issue an invoice representing the cost of return shipping, transportation bill must be paid within 30 days of issuance, after which it will charge penalties 0.5 % on the day of its value. After 60 days of shipping bill is submitted by a firm specializing in debt recovery.

I ordered wrong, what I do?

It is possible that a new client who wants to learn to order, make an order by mistake. There is no problem. You can calling an operator from ECAS ELECTRO for contact or leave a message on the contact section and cancel the order, but no later than 24 hours!

What is the delivery time?

Product delivery can be made within less than 24 hours and a maximum of 30 days from the time that were validated for details (method of payment, delivery, stock prices) usually if related products their order was in stock, order will be delivered within 3 working days.

If a particular product is not in stock or our suppliers we work with, the product will be imported specially for you and time specified above may change, but we will inform you of the new deadline. You will be notified by phone or email by our operators and they will agree on the order details, including advance payment is required for this command.

What problems can occur over time?

Human operators can make mistakes, but you must be sure we understand and accept your criticism and suggestions. Thus adapt and errors will be avoided in the future.

A message to the contact section or call helps us understand where and what went wrong operation. For this we thank you. Therefore, some problems that may occur are:

- Bill and warranty (the products are accompanied by collateral) have not been submitted simultaneously with the products, although they were properly prepared.

- Failure to print the documents.

- Delays in imports of products from our suppliers, carriers due to weather conditions, force majeure etc.

- Orders that were wandering along the messenger.

 Problems will be solved as soon as there or have been reported.

 The customer is the most important for us, so that we react immediately to your criticisms and comments submitted by the ECAS ELECTRO.

 We understand that when they place an order, you are responsible customer totally agree requirements to complete this command! Thanks for understanding!