1.1. Minimum value of order accepted online at ECAS ELECTRO is 10 RON.

1.2. Prices may vary depending on the RON / EUR and RON / USD exchange rate, but prices are stable during a calendar month.

1.3. Shipping charges are paid by the buyer, are based on weight and delivery service chosen.

1.4. Cash on delivery (delivery at your indicated address) - if you want to pay at delivery package, add desired products to cart, follow checkout steps, and to the "payment" option is selected reimbursed (paid on delivery of the shipment).

1.4.1. If you chose this option and package prepared for shipping, you will be notified by telephone by an operator and you'll receive email billing the total amount of the order, the shipment will receive the original invoice attached to the package.

1.4.2. If you requested an order with payment on delivery and refused its delivery package, your name will issue an invoice representing the cost of return shipping, transportation bill must be paid within 30 days of the issuance, after which will be charged by 0.5 % on the day of its value. After 60 days of shipping bill is submitted by a firm specializing in debt recovery.

1.5. Advance payment (money order or bank transfer) - if you want to pay in advance, add desired products to cart, follow checkout steps, and at the "payment" choose "money order or bank transfer" and then under confirmation will be presented the necessary data for transfer. 

On-line payment via


1.5.1. Once you choose this option, an operator will contact you by phone to confirm and you will receive an email with invoice with your total amount of your order. You will receive the original invoice with the product or to another address specified by you at stages of checkout.

1.5.2. For orders for which payment is paid by money order or bank transfer, delivery time is measured from the time the amount paid by you reached ECAS ELECTRO account.

1.5.3. If an advance payment, or part, if delivery cannot be met for various reasons (lack of own stock at suppliers or other causes), the amount paid will be refunded to the buyer after the maximum delivery time specified.

1.5.4. If you want to get the bill to another address than the one that will deliver the package, you have to pay in advance all its value, and then the package will be sent.