On-line payment

A brief description of the methods of payment that can be made available to traders through payment solution EuPlătesc.ro.
Online payment with credit card issued under VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro.

Payment stream of a ecommerce transactions is as follows:
1. Client view and select the services / products you want to pay accessing the web interface of the computer system of ECAS ELECTRO.
2. After pressing the "Pay Now", payment details are sent to the server managed by EuPlătesc.ro. Transmission method is: HTTP POST client browser.
3. EuPlătesc server script running in the browser requested and returns form cardholder collect data on the card. (Some of the data displayed in the form is pre-filled with values EuPlătesc variables received from ECAS EECTRO computer system in section 2: Amount, Currency, Number the transaction, etc.).
4. Card holder completes data card (card number, CCV2/CVC2, Holder name, expiration date) and approved transmission to the card issuing bank.
5. EuPlătesc.ro through specific protocols, requests authorization from the issuing bank transaction.
6. EuPlătesc.ro interpret and send response parameters (success or failure) to ECAS ELECTRO system through browser cardholder using the HTTP POST method.
The system can notify EuPlătesc response and server-to-server method, so that eliminated any communication error between the two systems.
7. On demand, EuPlătesc.ro can send to the ECAS ELECTRO system, daily situation report on transactions in question. In this way, ECAS ELECTRO server will be notified about the outcome of authorizations daily.

Based on this information, coupled with data received at point 6, the computer system ECAS ELECTRO can create an E-mail client detailed final state of the transaction.
This flow chart trading is detailed in the following image.