ECAS ELECTRO - Place of business: Bucharest, Sector 2, D.Pompei Blvd No.8, FEPER Building - goound floor. 


ECAS ELECTRO was founded in 1991 having as main activity the sales of electronic components, electro- mechanical devices, modules, subsystems and various materials used in production, maintenance and service. For rapid development of products, to be launched on the market, is offered to our clients a wide range of development tools and software hardware structures for applications that include real-time operating systems, testing environments, debugging and compiling programs, libraries application programs, programmers, modules for test and development boards, technical assistance, information about products offered, seminars and symposium for the promotion of new products.

ECAS ELECTRO offers a wide variety of electronics engineering design tools available to students, teachers, researchers, hobbyist and OEM. ECAS ELECTRO perform processing for boxes and cases they market, based on the documentation supplied by the client.

To assist manufacturers of electronic equipment, ECAS ELECTRO Company have a partnership with the firm Felix Electronic Services ( You can execute prototypes and series of electronic modules using modern technologies. Customers and other electronics designers can check their projects based on a large variety of components provided by our company, and then can order executions of large series.

ECAS ELECTRO is certified ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 to provide products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components.

ECAS ELECTRO is based in Bucharest City, but represents a stable partner for original equipment manufacturers, industrial equipment and consumer electronics and commercial customers throughout Romania. ECAS ELECTRO represents manufacturers of electronic components and subassemblies that continuously introduce new products to market, and customers have access to emerging technologies and components on the market for the design and manufacture of modern, high-technology, for rapid changes in technology have boosted the product design and manufacturing processes.

ECAS ELECTRO provides connections across a complex supply chain, manages that complexity and ensures that manufacturers can design new products, plan supply components and materials, keeping the pace of manufacturing. Having over 25 years of experience in marketing of electronic components, electromechanical devices, components and materials various, ECAS ELECTRO demonstrates the ability to respond to market requirements by working together with its customers and suppliers to ensure their success.

The online store ECAS ELECTRO implemented, continuously updated without notice, in order to extend and accelerate the commercialization of electronic components to any buyer.

You can order products that are not in on-line catalog, but are desired by the client and confirmed by an operator.

ECAS ELECTRO at a glance:  

Place of business: Dimitrie Pompei Blvd No.8 (FEPER building - ground floor), Sector 2, Bucharest 020337

Headquarters: Cornelia No.7, Sector 4, Bucharest 040181

Date of registration: R.C. J40/15681/91, C.U.I. RO2596172