Manufacturers and Suppliers

ECAS ELECTRO represents manufacturers of electronic components and subassemblies continuously introducing new products each month, and customers who are interested in technology and new components for designing and manufacturing products that incorporate electronic items can perform modern, high-technology. Moving from product design to market launch has become increasingly complex in today's business environment. Rapid changes in technology add new variants to product design and manufacturing. ECAS ELECTRO make connections across a complex supply chain, manages this complexity and ensure that manufacturers can design new products, plan supply components and materials, keeping the pace of manufacturing. Having over two decades of years in marketing of electronic components, electromechanical devices, components and different materials, ECAS ELECTRO demonstrates ability to respond to market demands working together with customers and suppliers to ensure their business success. After several years of close business relationships were developed special partnerships with a number of strong manufacturers with "know-how" that offer interesting product portfolios. By building these partnerships, competency contribute to highlighting the strengths of the manufacturer and help the users of electronic components. To search for products from a particular manufacturer or supplier and to obtain documentation about products, we offer lists of manufacturers and suppliers with links.