ELECTRO ECAS provides:

  • supply of components and electronic parts, electromechanical equipment, devices, materials
  • pcb electronic assembly - full services
  • technical information on products through catalogs, technical literature, or email articles published on the firm's technical assistants
  • seminars and symposia for the presentation and promotion of new products and technologies
  • perform machining on boxes and enclosures

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Headquarter: Bucureşti, sector 4, str. Cornelia nr.7, CP 040181              

R.C. J40/15681/1991, C.U.I. RO2596172              

Information on tel:  0212048100

Fax: 0212048130


Schedule: M-F: 8h30a.m. to 6h30 p.m., Sa-Su and public holidays: closed.