Treston is among the world’s leading suppliers of industrial furniture and workstations.

Treston offers a wide range of ergonomic workstations to choose from, from those that can be delivered quickly to those that provide versatile options to meet any need. 

Industrial furniture and workstations for different working environments:

The GDPR regulations (The General Data Protection Regulation) have effect on May 25, 2018 in all EU countries. The purpose of the regulation is to harmonize and update the legislation protecting personal data across Europe and to respond to the challenges of data protection related to technological development and globalization. The aim is to increase the transparency of processing personal data and to strengthen the rights of individuals to control their personal data. Increased rights of individuals mean more responsibilities to organisations. Treston acts acts to be in agreement with the regulation when handle personal information of customers, employees and partners.

Due to this Treston will be updating 3D configurator and all distributor and reseller versions of it. Treston will be made updates to the contact forms to ensure that are acting according to the new regulations.

As Treston holds the ownerships of the 3D configurator, all distributor and reseller versions of it and all relevant materials relating to it, we will also add a link to the Treston Privacy policy: 


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